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Full-page article about us in Byavisa Drammen!

Here’s a lovely full-page article about us in Byavisa Drammen!

For those of you who don’t speak Norwegian, it’s speaking about ‘Widdershins’, a recently-released track from our forthcoming album, due out in September.

It describes the tune as ‘rocking’ (equally suitable for headbanging as for folk dancing!), that Sarah-Jane uses her fiddle for a fuzz-guitar-esque solo (with no pedals or electronic effects), that ‘Widdershins’ means anti-clockwise (i.e. going against the ‘norm’, against the flow in life in general), and how the duo fearlessly breaks from the traditional music norms and strives to achieve a sound that reflects life in general, with all its joys and sadnesses.

Thank you Byavisa!