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New single – Borrowed Days – out now!

Borrowed Days – the last single before The Smoky Smirr o Rain comes out in full – is out now! You can on Bandcamp, on Spotify and all other good streaming services.

Until a couple of years ago, we lived on top of a hill on Nesodden, a peninsula in Oslofjord. One wall of the house was completely glass, and we had an crazy view of Oslofjord. It felt like we lived inside the clouds, and stormy days were especially exciting. Late one evening, towards the end of March, I was sitting at the kitchen table playing the fiddle, watching a dark storm. The black clouds were swirling madly, and I kept thinking about the birds whilst I was playing, hoping they would be ok.

Borrowed Days throws you straight into a raging storm. The temperature is then turned down in an interlude which is the psychedelic ‘eye of the storm’, where time stands still and the main character hallucinates away, accompanied by birdsong from alien planets. The intensity slowly builds up again, and the song ends in the same storm it started in.

The title refers to a fable that exists in several countries, including Scotland, Ireland and Spain. It tells of an old cow who boasted that even the harshest weather in March could not kill her. March therefore borrowed three days from April and filled them with all the rage it could muster, killing and skinning the old cow (!!! 🙁 … ) The last three days of March were therefore known as ‘Borrowed Days’, and people who are superstitious neither borrow nor lend during those days.

New single – Borrowed Days – out now!

The Smoky Smirr o Rain is available here and an Bandcamp.